RE nature

In RE this term Year 1 are learning about Christian beliefs. Last week we learnt that Christians believe God created all nature. Today we went outside and took photographs of all the nature we could find in the school grounds. Year 1 took some lovely photographs on their iPads, we may have some future photographers in our class!


Mass and weight

This week we have been comparing weight and using standard and nonstandard units to measure weight. Today Year 1 had to find the heaviest and the lightest from a group of objects. In small groups the children discussed ways they could approach this task. Each group came up with a different way to solve the problem. Super work Year 1!


Finding things out

This term we are learning all about dinosaurs. Today in computing we used books and the internet to find facts about dinosaurs. First we talked about staying safe on the internet and reporting things to a trusted adult. After that we went on the iPads and read some nonfiction books about dinosaurs to find out interesting facts. At the end of the lesson we discussed what we found out.


Problem solving

Year one have been problem solving. Throughout the week we had been practising one more and one less. After we had lots of practise we got into pairs and helped each other to solve tricky problems involving one more and one less. We worked really hard and didn’t give up when it was difficult.


Special visitor

This morning we had a very special visitor. Father Christmas arrived to wish us all a Merry Christmas! He very kindly gave us a Christmas present and reminded us he will be arriving in just 3days. What an exciting morning!!

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The missing sleigh bells

This week Year 1 had a letter from Santa. Unfortunately a naughty elf had stolen Santa’s sleigh bells! We had to become detectives and solve a series of maths clues to find out which naughty elf was the thief. Year 1 did a fantastic job and luckily Santa found his sleigh bells just in time for Christmas.


Thank you

Thank you so much for all of our lovely Christmas gifts, we really appreciate all the thought and effort that goes into these gifts. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!


All Year 1 Staff

Deciduous and evergreen trees

Today in our science lesson we learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. We went to the woodland area to investigate the different types of trees. We bought in leaves that we found on the floor and looked at the names of the trees. We found some deciduous and some evergreen trees.



This week in English we have been using adjectives to describe characters and settings. On Tuesday we wrote a character description of Captain Hook from the story ‘Peter Pan’. Today we have designed our own Neverland and labelled it with lots of adjectives then we presented our designs to the rest of the class. Tomorrow we will use our designs to write a description of our setting.