Our new topic this half term is ‘Homes’. In our English lessons this week we are writing a story based on the film ‘Up’. Today we made our own maps to Paradise Falls, we had to think about what prob,email Mr Fredrickson might encounter on his journey.


Three little pigs

Today in science the Three Little  Pigs asked us to test three different materials and find out which is the best to make their new house out of. We tested wood, paper and plastic. We predicted plastic would be the best because it is strong and waterproof, we were right! Well done Year 1 super investigating!


The koala who could

This week in English we are reading ‘The Koala Who Could’. Today we worked in partners to retell the story. We had to cut out the pictures and stick them in the correct order. Then we had to take turns telling our partner the story.


Shape hunting

This week Year 1 are learning about 2d shapes. Yesterday we went on a shape hunt. We were looking for circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. We looked in the classroom and on the playground. We found lots of circles, squares and rectangles but we couldn’t find many triangles.


Tennis taster

Today in PE we had a tennis taster session with Robin Park. We practised our coordination skills and skills using a ball and racket. It was lots of fun! Robin Park have invited all children for some free tennis sessions.


The gruffalo

Today in Year 1 we read ‘The Gruffalo’. After that we had to work in groups to act out the story. We had lots of fun being different characters and performing the story to the rest of the class.



This morning we have been investigating the ‘oi’ sound. A group went into the outdoor area to find the ‘oi’ sound and build as many words as the can with this sound in. Here are some of the words they came up with;

boil, soil, foil, oil, coin, point

Super sound hunting Year 1!