Friday Fractions Challenge

This week in maths we have been practising fractions. Today we had to use our knowledge from the week to complete different fractions challenges. Year 1 showed resilience and worked really hard even though some of the challenges were pretty difficult! Well done everyone!



Today in art Year 1 have been practising sketching. Our subject to draw from life was the stag in our school grounds. We took our time and focussed on the lines and the detail. Once we had finished drawing the stag we used our skills from the previous week to draw trees surrounding the stag.


Finding halves and quarters

This week we are practising fractions. We found out that’s not all numbers can be shared equally into halves or quarters. We split up in to groups and had the challenge of working out which numbers we can share equally between two and four.


Come fly with me…

Today Year 1 took a trip to Manchester Airport. We went on a real aeroplane and we had so much fun learning about the important jobs people do to keep us safe at the airport and we even got to dress up! After that we saw the fastest plane in the world, ‘Concorde’, and we got to touch the nose of an old aeroplane. We had a wonderful day and learned so many new things!


Drawing from life

Today in art Year 1 have been out in the sunshine drawing from still life. We chose a tree on the field and studied the lines and detail on the tree. After that we used pencil to carefully sketch the tree. Year 1 produced some fantastic work!


Capacity and volume

Today Year 1 used cubes to measure capacity and volume. We had to compare each container and order them from the container that could hold the most to the container that could hold the least. Super measuring Year 1!