The bear and the hare

This week in English we have been watching ‘The Bear and The Hare’. Today we made predictions about what we think happened after the bear saw the Christmas tree. Year 1 shared their ideas with a partner and made story maps. After that Year 1 presented their story maps to the class.


Fiction and nonfiction

This week in English we are learning about fiction and nonfiction books. Today we looked at the differences between fiction and nonfiction books and some features of fiction and nonfiction books. After that Year 1 had their own books to look at and sort into fiction or nonfiction.


Halving numbers

This week we have been learning about fractions. We have practised finding half of shapes. Today we have been learning how to half numbers. We found out that we can only halve even numbers and we practised sharing cubes and counters between two.



Today we have been practising asking questions. We had to ask different animals questions. After that we practised writing our questions, we had to make sure our questions started with a capital letter and ended with a question mark.