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Thank you

Thank you to all the children and parents who gave Mrs Keeley, Mrs Keating , Mrs Birgarni and Miss Warren leaving gifts. We appreciate the thought and feel truly blessed. We wish all our lovely Reception children the best as they go into Year 1. They have been a pleasure to teach and we have  loved watching them grow.

Thank you again and we wish you all a lovely summer.


The Reception Team

Friday fundraiser


Our fundraiser was a great success. The children brought in lots of exciting things to sell. The had a great time and we have used our fundraising money to pay for the duck eggs we had in March.

Ice Lolly making!


In maths,  the children were recapping their vocabulary for capacity. So we decided to make ice lollies as the weather was so hot. The children enjoyed cooling down in the shade with their very own ice lolly.

Fruit Salad


The children have been learning to chop, cut and prepare fruit. I was really impressed with their understanding of halving. They had lots of fun making their fruit salads and enjoyed eating them!

Up High!

The children have started to talk about space. We are really enjoying the fantastic books that are being brought in! If you have anything related to space you want to show the class please come and share it.